Monday, December 10, 2007

Dream 20: Bhavānī's voice

In reality, I was discussing some Tantra and stuff with my friends last night. I told them how the Devi Bhagvat differs from the commonly known interpretation of Śivalinga as a phallus with Pārvatī's vulva. The Devi Bhagvat narrates the Linga as the egg shaped cosmos, while some books like Rudrayamalam suggest it to be the primordial energy egg from which the universe expanded (hint: Big Bang).

Now, let's move on to the dream part. Just the same night, I saw a black dark area, from which a voice was emanating. The voice was in English (unlike some previous dreams where it would be Sanskrit). The voice seemed confident and aware of what it was talking about. Yet the voice was soft and tender (like that of a teacher). The voice was of a woman, and most likely Goddess. The voice said, ‘‘It is really impossible to tell whether Bhavānī's energy is present in vulva or not. But that should not really concern you.’’

I woke up suddenly, but luckily I remembered the dialogue this time. Its interpretation is not completely clear to me, as of now.

Dream 19: Mother Kīrti

I had this confusing dream a few days ago. Either a narration was being done by my father about a version of Rāmāyana (not the Valmiki one). Or otherwise, I was just roaming in ancient times, witnessing various characters.
At some point in time, I reached a strange temple with beautiful white stairs. While ascending, I found an emanating fire coming out from the mouth of Goddess. The Goddess was called as Kīrti there. The fire was about ten meters long. My luck was not good enough to see Her face.