Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dream 8: Rāma, the Protector

I got my new silent keyboard today. And I think the best way to do an initiation of it would be to write a blog here.

This dream is slightly old. I saw that I am in a beautiful moonlit temple compound. The temple had buildings facing east and west and the north and south side had open gates. On the building side, I was standing, with Rāma standing in front of me as a protector. He had an arrow placed on a bow — ready to be shot at any intruder. He had a beautiful blue cloud like body with a tress-matt as during the forest exile. He had plain clothes, like that of a forest seer. We both saw a chariot, with beautiful horses, but the chariot was empty. Perhaps it was a Māyā trap to hide something from His eyes. Then we saw Rāvaṇa, trying to chop off the head of Daśaratha in the skies. But that didn't shake the patience of Rāma. He kept protecting me, till I woke up.