Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dream 23: The voice of Sītā

In a dark setting, I heard the voice of Mother Sītā. I could not remember what I heard after waking up.

Dream 22: The Himalayan Trek

In this dream, I was trekking on some mountain in Himalaya, possibly on the Chinese side. I had a knee-sprain at that time, so I wondered how I will get down. For some bizarre reason, I had to assume my brother’s name while trekking. While returning, my assumed name was called from a door. I entered and I found delightful posters or images of Lord Rāma and His Leela. The images were in a well-lit wooden room and every painting was beautiful.

Dream 21: The Temple

I saw myself walking on a stoned path, raised by few hundred feet on a hill, towards a temple. The temple structure was huge. I found well decorated elephants and horses treading along a circular route inside the temple. Aspect ratio would suggest that the inner dome of the temple was few hundred meter tall.

I could not see the deity inside.