Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dream 13: Śańkara with His disciples

I got a copy of Kaṭopaniṣat from Gitapress while I was in Chennai. The cover face illustrates Śańkara sitting with His disciples. The same night I saw Śańkara sitting on a seat with five disciples around Him in a manner identical to the cover-illustration. This dream could be related to what happened during the day before — but it was bliss nevertheless.

Dream 12: They appeared one by one

This dream was pretty long, in which I was lost along various roads and streets. The most interesting part is narrated below. Against a moonlit sky, I saw the form of Viṣṇu to begin with. He stood there in the caturbhuja (four-arm) form and then slowly faded away. He was replaced by another deity, which I don't remember now, in a manner similar to a slide-show. This deity was replaced by Goddess Kālī; Goddess Kālī was replaced by Lakṣmī; Lakṣmī was replaced by Hanumān; and finally Hanumān was replaced by Rāma and Sītā together. That was the end of the divine-show.