Monday, December 10, 2007

Dream 20: Bhavānī's voice

In reality, I was discussing some Tantra and stuff with my friends last night. I told them how the Devi Bhagvat differs from the commonly known interpretation of Śivalinga as a phallus with Pārvatī's vulva. The Devi Bhagvat narrates the Linga as the egg shaped cosmos, while some books like Rudrayamalam suggest it to be the primordial energy egg from which the universe expanded (hint: Big Bang).

Now, let's move on to the dream part. Just the same night, I saw a black dark area, from which a voice was emanating. The voice was in English (unlike some previous dreams where it would be Sanskrit). The voice seemed confident and aware of what it was talking about. Yet the voice was soft and tender (like that of a teacher). The voice was of a woman, and most likely Goddess. The voice said, ‘‘It is really impossible to tell whether Bhavānī's energy is present in vulva or not. But that should not really concern you.’’

I woke up suddenly, but luckily I remembered the dialogue this time. Its interpretation is not completely clear to me, as of now.

Dream 19: Mother Kīrti

I had this confusing dream a few days ago. Either a narration was being done by my father about a version of Rāmāyana (not the Valmiki one). Or otherwise, I was just roaming in ancient times, witnessing various characters.
At some point in time, I reached a strange temple with beautiful white stairs. While ascending, I found an emanating fire coming out from the mouth of Goddess. The Goddess was called as Kīrti there. The fire was about ten meters long. My luck was not good enough to see Her face.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dream 18: Mātā Kālī

I had this dream today. In a somewhat dark, dīyā-lit room, I saw Mātā Kālī in an unusual appearance. She was placid, with loose hairs, and a waist cloth. She had no weapons, Her tongue was invisible, and Her hands were free. Her body was dark-blue in complexion and it was shining. Her face resembled my mother's young-age face. I saw Her twice, among which I don't remember the dialogues (again!) in the first meeting. It is remembered though, that She was caring as a Mother.

In the second meeting, She was patting me to sleep, while lying behind me (like how a Mother pats Her baby from behind). She mentioned that I don’t need to worry about mundane problems since She is taking care of them.

Dream 17: Missing Durgā

I moved about two months ago. In my previous place, I had the habit to keep Durgā Saptaśatī beneath my pillow. One night, unaware of the fact that the book was lying in my prayer area, I slept without the book beneath my pillow. My dream had a few musings on Durgā. I was reciting verses (which I forgot by the morning, as usual!) which had thoughts of separation.

That Durgā, Whose presence removes any inauspicion; that Durgā, Whose lotus-feet destroy all the grief of ours'; that Durgā, Who loves Her children — where is that Durgā. Why isn't She here and around? No wonder I am sad.

As usual, I was surprised in the morning, when I found that the book was missing at its usual location.

PS: I noticed that Internet Exploder does not displays diacritics in "any" font supported by Blogspot. I will sincerely urge the readers to move to Firefox. Of what use is the browser, which cannot even put a dot below "d" in a faithful manner.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Dream 16: Idol of Kālī

I saw the idol of Mother Kālī in a dream. She was made of black stone and lying in front of my eyes. She had a crown and Her features were somewhat hard to recognize. She had a silken-yellow background (aura?) behind the idol.
The dream was short in length.

Dream 15: The invisible Tārā

A few weeks ago, I saw a dialogue with Goddess Tārā in my dreams. I didn't remember either Her appearance or Her voice in the morning. But I do remember that the room of discussion was completely dark (perhaps that's why She was not visible).

Goddess Tārā is the second in the Daśamahāvidyā devī studied in the Tantra literature.

Dream 14: Angry Sarasvatī

I saw this dream around the 2007 new year. I was seriously ill and after some tolerance, I was completely annoyed. I started meditating on Sarasvatī and slept; my intuition said that She was angry.

I saw a dream of Her around 2:00 a.m. in the morning. She was extremely fair and beautiful. Her hairs were black, wavy, and loose. Her eyes were splendid. Her forehead was radiant. There was no crown (as if the loose hair and no crown were symbols of anger). She was empty handed — without lotus, lute, garland, or book.

She disappeared after giving a darśana, but I recovered very quickly after that.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dream 13: Śańkara with His disciples

I got a copy of Kaṭopaniṣat from Gitapress while I was in Chennai. The cover face illustrates Śańkara sitting with His disciples. The same night I saw Śańkara sitting on a seat with five disciples around Him in a manner identical to the cover-illustration. This dream could be related to what happened during the day before — but it was bliss nevertheless.

Dream 12: They appeared one by one

This dream was pretty long, in which I was lost along various roads and streets. The most interesting part is narrated below. Against a moonlit sky, I saw the form of Viṣṇu to begin with. He stood there in the caturbhuja (four-arm) form and then slowly faded away. He was replaced by another deity, which I don't remember now, in a manner similar to a slide-show. This deity was replaced by Goddess Kālī; Goddess Kālī was replaced by Lakṣmī; Lakṣmī was replaced by Hanumān; and finally Hanumān was replaced by Rāma and Sītā together. That was the end of the divine-show.