Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Dream 1a: Hanuman

My memory is failing, or so it seems. I missed to discuss the appearance of Hanuman in my previous posts. After a few nights of seeing Lord Vishnu in my dream, I woke up once in the night. I could see a monkey sitting on the couch. Somewhat old and all curled up, sitting in a corner of the couch. I blinked my eyes quite a few times but the monkey was right there. Finally, He vanished.

Dream 6: Mother Lakshmi

Being upset at some point of time is perhaps an essential ingredient of any relation; even of a devotee and the Mother. One fine evening, something didn't work and I got annoyed by the Divine Mother. I murmured, ‘‘You want me to remain hungry, so be it’’.

I slept without eating. Around 3:00 am in the morning, I saw a dream. In one corner of my room, I could see Goddess standing, albeit against light. I could see Her there, in somewhat low light. My dream shattered and I woke up. To my surprize, the figure could be seen with open eyes too! I rubbed my eyes, the figure was still there. In a few moments She vanished.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dream 5: Krishna, Ganesh, Adi Shankara, Varaha, and Garuda

There was a long gap, about a few months, between this dream and its predecessor. But luckily I saw many incarnations together. I saw a room with a few sages and and saints and then came a beautiful procession. My eyes moved from left to right, trying to identify all the incarnations. First one was Garuda, with a golden body. Next was Varaha incarnation with mighty fangs. Ganesh was very similar to my previous dream. Then there was Adi Shankara and finally Krishna.

I again forgot the reasons of gathering and the voices, if any.

Dream 4: Rama and Sita

Dream 4 and Dream 3 may be swapped in order. I don't remember their order well enough. In this dream I saw a dark room where I was sitting. Soon I heard Rama and Sita enter the room. They came and sat in the darkness and talked. I think this dream was very long and I heard them talking for long. Unfortunately, I forgot their dialogues by morning.

Perhaps my spiritual advancement in this mundane world is not good enough to hear the dialogues from Saketa-loka.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dream 3: Ganesh

I clearly remember a night when I saw Ganesh for the first time in my dream. He had a beautiful white head, which had some pink spots at the trunk portion. He was standing in front of me, wearing a shiny pink robe. He spoke to me, and told that Sarasvati gave Him a conch-shell. I forgot the name of the conch-shell by next-morning.

Later, my mother confirmed that according to one legend, Sarasvati gave Ganesh a conch-shell in the Lotus-forest of Lakshmi. Quite consistent!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Dream 2: Sri Rama

After I saw Lord Vishnu in a dream, my thirst for seeing Him again grew. I kept craving for His appearance. Each night I would wonder if I will get to see Him again. It didn't happen for about two weeks.

After two weeks, I saw myself in a train. I closed my eyes and saw the beautiful face of Sri Rama. The dream was momentary and I just saw the face of Lord Rama. But it was another joy that came to me in an otherwise mundane world.

Dream 1: Vishnu

My affection with Lord Vishnu grew many-fold when I saw Him in a dream. Those days I was very depressed with mundane cycle of life and always wondered if I have something special to boast about. I had nothing! But just in a day or two, I saw Shyam Sundar in a beautiful form. He stood in front of me. Tall figure, with four sub-organs or Sudarshan Chakra, Lotus, Kaumodaki Mace, and Pa~nchajanya Shell. He had a beautiful garland of flowers and an exquisite golden yellow silk robe at the waist.

A deer in my backyard shattered the dream. Not to mention, the deer was an unwanted guest, since my backyard was never visited by a deer again.

Perhaps the deer represented the desires (as has been represented again and again in our texts) and Vishnu represents the Poorna-Brahma. The desires take away our attention from the Poorna Brahma.