Monday, June 18, 2007

Dream 16: Idol of Kālī

I saw the idol of Mother Kālī in a dream. She was made of black stone and lying in front of my eyes. She had a crown and Her features were somewhat hard to recognize. She had a silken-yellow background (aura?) behind the idol.
The dream was short in length.

Dream 15: The invisible Tārā

A few weeks ago, I saw a dialogue with Goddess Tārā in my dreams. I didn't remember either Her appearance or Her voice in the morning. But I do remember that the room of discussion was completely dark (perhaps that's why She was not visible).

Goddess Tārā is the second in the Daśamahāvidyā devī studied in the Tantra literature.

Dream 14: Angry Sarasvatī

I saw this dream around the 2007 new year. I was seriously ill and after some tolerance, I was completely annoyed. I started meditating on Sarasvatī and slept; my intuition said that She was angry.

I saw a dream of Her around 2:00 a.m. in the morning. She was extremely fair and beautiful. Her hairs were black, wavy, and loose. Her eyes were splendid. Her forehead was radiant. There was no crown (as if the loose hair and no crown were symbols of anger). She was empty handed — without lotus, lute, garland, or book.

She disappeared after giving a darśana, but I recovered very quickly after that.