Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dream 18: Mātā Kālī

I had this dream today. In a somewhat dark, dīyā-lit room, I saw Mātā Kālī in an unusual appearance. She was placid, with loose hairs, and a waist cloth. She had no weapons, Her tongue was invisible, and Her hands were free. Her body was dark-blue in complexion and it was shining. Her face resembled my mother's young-age face. I saw Her twice, among which I don't remember the dialogues (again!) in the first meeting. It is remembered though, that She was caring as a Mother.

In the second meeting, She was patting me to sleep, while lying behind me (like how a Mother pats Her baby from behind). She mentioned that I don’t need to worry about mundane problems since She is taking care of them.

Dream 17: Missing Durgā

I moved about two months ago. In my previous place, I had the habit to keep Durgā Saptaśatī beneath my pillow. One night, unaware of the fact that the book was lying in my prayer area, I slept without the book beneath my pillow. My dream had a few musings on Durgā. I was reciting verses (which I forgot by the morning, as usual!) which had thoughts of separation.

That Durgā, Whose presence removes any inauspicion; that Durgā, Whose lotus-feet destroy all the grief of ours'; that Durgā, Who loves Her children — where is that Durgā. Why isn't She here and around? No wonder I am sad.

As usual, I was surprised in the morning, when I found that the book was missing at its usual location.

PS: I noticed that Internet Exploder does not displays diacritics in "any" font supported by Blogspot. I will sincerely urge the readers to move to Firefox. Of what use is the browser, which cannot even put a dot below "d" in a faithful manner.