Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dream 7a: Baby Kṛṣṇa

Like I said my memory is failing. A dream was missed in the previous list. About eight-months ago, I saw the cosmos and heavenly objects of all colors moving around in a celestial kaleidoscope. Amidst that, I saw Baby Kṛṣṇa with his mouth open and showing the cosmos inside His mouth to Mother Yaśodā. My viewpoint was behind the Mother so I don't remember any sight of Her. Kṛṣṇa was standing still all this while. The dream finished at that point.
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Friday, October 13, 2006

Dream 11: Śiva Śambho

I used to walk on a certain curvy path each day while returning from my college (school). The path had a certain curvature which appeared in my dream. I was walking on a similar curved path except that the surroundings were different. It was evening (or morning) time with orange light filling the skies. I saw a temple while walking along the path. The temple was on a lower plane compared to the path. A white bull (or white cow) was standing outside the temple building. And Śiva was washing the cow with water. I had a glance at them and the dream finished.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dream 10: The Most Handsome Kṛṣṇa

Every soldier of Dwarika was dressing for a parade. And standing in front of my eyes was Śyāmasundara Kṛṣṇa. Beautiful blue face, somewhat round, with two big and deep eyes. No decoration on the face, not even a ṭīkā, but still His face had a remarkable beauty. Curly tresses reached till His neck and wrapped He was in a yellow silken robe. Luckily, I did remember the dialogue this time.

I asked, ‘‘Should I decorate You (for everyone else was getting ready)?’’

With a gentle smile He replied, ‘‘No.’’

The beauty of Nandakumāra needs no decoration.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Dream 9: Śakti — The Temple Dance

I was standing in a vast open field in clear moonlight. My sister, father, and mother were standing opposite me. I looked at the right side, and a grey-color temple was there. The presence of family-folks was set-aside and the eyes got glued to what was happening inside the temple. A huge hurricane-like fireball was spinning and dancing inside the temple. The fireball was thickest in the middle and tapered towards the ends (somewhat like an eye-shape). Just a moment later, the fireball escaped the doors of the temple and flew in air. As the fireball approached me, my hands attained the posture of a ‘‘bhikṣāmudrā.’’ The fireball changed into a beautiful idol of the Goddess and sat exactly in my two-palms set in the begging-posture. My dream finished there, imparting bliss.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dream 8: Rāma, the Protector

I got my new silent keyboard today. And I think the best way to do an initiation of it would be to write a blog here.

This dream is slightly old. I saw that I am in a beautiful moonlit temple compound. The temple had buildings facing east and west and the north and south side had open gates. On the building side, I was standing, with Rāma standing in front of me as a protector. He had an arrow placed on a bow — ready to be shot at any intruder. He had a beautiful blue cloud like body with a tress-matt as during the forest exile. He had plain clothes, like that of a forest seer. We both saw a chariot, with beautiful horses, but the chariot was empty. Perhaps it was a Māyā trap to hide something from His eyes. Then we saw Rāvaṇa, trying to chop off the head of Daśaratha in the skies. But that didn't shake the patience of Rāma. He kept protecting me, till I woke up.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Dream 7: Vishnu, Shiv, and Adi Shankara

There is a small story behind this dream. Adi Shankara is very renowned as the re-invigorator of the Advaita philosophy. One day I found the beautiful work of His, named vivekachudamani, and started working on its translation.

The same evening, I met another person who claimed that atheism and Nietszche philosophy are far more superior to the denial which Upanishat creates. She also claimed that she has gone through vivekachudamani and other texts without much satisfaction. I stopped talking on that issue due to ideological differences, but thought more about the criticism she made.

For a moment my faith was trembling. Then came the night and the inevitable sleep. I saw Adi Shankara in my dream. He chanted a few verses and then Lord Vishnu and Shiva appeared together in front of me. I forgot the chant by the morning, however.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Dream 1a: Hanuman

My memory is failing, or so it seems. I missed to discuss the appearance of Hanuman in my previous posts. After a few nights of seeing Lord Vishnu in my dream, I woke up once in the night. I could see a monkey sitting on the couch. Somewhat old and all curled up, sitting in a corner of the couch. I blinked my eyes quite a few times but the monkey was right there. Finally, He vanished.

Dream 6: Mother Lakshmi

Being upset at some point of time is perhaps an essential ingredient of any relation; even of a devotee and the Mother. One fine evening, something didn't work and I got annoyed by the Divine Mother. I murmured, ‘‘You want me to remain hungry, so be it’’.

I slept without eating. Around 3:00 am in the morning, I saw a dream. In one corner of my room, I could see Goddess standing, albeit against light. I could see Her there, in somewhat low light. My dream shattered and I woke up. To my surprize, the figure could be seen with open eyes too! I rubbed my eyes, the figure was still there. In a few moments She vanished.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dream 5: Krishna, Ganesh, Adi Shankara, Varaha, and Garuda

There was a long gap, about a few months, between this dream and its predecessor. But luckily I saw many incarnations together. I saw a room with a few sages and and saints and then came a beautiful procession. My eyes moved from left to right, trying to identify all the incarnations. First one was Garuda, with a golden body. Next was Varaha incarnation with mighty fangs. Ganesh was very similar to my previous dream. Then there was Adi Shankara and finally Krishna.

I again forgot the reasons of gathering and the voices, if any.

Dream 4: Rama and Sita

Dream 4 and Dream 3 may be swapped in order. I don't remember their order well enough. In this dream I saw a dark room where I was sitting. Soon I heard Rama and Sita enter the room. They came and sat in the darkness and talked. I think this dream was very long and I heard them talking for long. Unfortunately, I forgot their dialogues by morning.

Perhaps my spiritual advancement in this mundane world is not good enough to hear the dialogues from Saketa-loka.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dream 3: Ganesh

I clearly remember a night when I saw Ganesh for the first time in my dream. He had a beautiful white head, which had some pink spots at the trunk portion. He was standing in front of me, wearing a shiny pink robe. He spoke to me, and told that Sarasvati gave Him a conch-shell. I forgot the name of the conch-shell by next-morning.

Later, my mother confirmed that according to one legend, Sarasvati gave Ganesh a conch-shell in the Lotus-forest of Lakshmi. Quite consistent!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Dream 2: Sri Rama

After I saw Lord Vishnu in a dream, my thirst for seeing Him again grew. I kept craving for His appearance. Each night I would wonder if I will get to see Him again. It didn't happen for about two weeks.

After two weeks, I saw myself in a train. I closed my eyes and saw the beautiful face of Sri Rama. The dream was momentary and I just saw the face of Lord Rama. But it was another joy that came to me in an otherwise mundane world.

Dream 1: Vishnu

My affection with Lord Vishnu grew many-fold when I saw Him in a dream. Those days I was very depressed with mundane cycle of life and always wondered if I have something special to boast about. I had nothing! But just in a day or two, I saw Shyam Sundar in a beautiful form. He stood in front of me. Tall figure, with four sub-organs or Sudarshan Chakra, Lotus, Kaumodaki Mace, and Pa~nchajanya Shell. He had a beautiful garland of flowers and an exquisite golden yellow silk robe at the waist.

A deer in my backyard shattered the dream. Not to mention, the deer was an unwanted guest, since my backyard was never visited by a deer again.

Perhaps the deer represented the desires (as has been represented again and again in our texts) and Vishnu represents the Poorna-Brahma. The desires take away our attention from the Poorna Brahma.