Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Padmaragaprabha Parvati

I saw a life-size statue of Goddess Parvati. She was fair complexioned with all the ornaments. The statue was kept in a grand room, the details of which I do not remember. Goddess Parvati had all the ornaments. Her face was beautiful. Among them, I was paying attention to the hair-parting ornament (maang-teeka) and ear-rings. Both of them had large "padmaraaga" (best quality rubies) studded. The rubies were quite large. The precious gems were making the cheeks and forehead of Goddess Parvati reddish in color.

Hanuman Temple

This dream is about two months old. I saw that I am in the compound (ksetra) of a Hanuman temple and I am waiting for a friend (who is a Hanuman devotee). The temple ksetra was beautiful and clean, and the time was sandhya-vela.