Monday, December 28, 2009

Dream 31: Wandering in villages

This dream is about five days old. In the dream, during a journey towards Āmī (Bihar), I get stuck around a village. I did not see any mode of transport, which probably means I was on foot. I noticed a hand-pump and I decided to wash my hands and feet in its water, before moving ahead. However, I noticed my ancestor's village home on reaching the hand-pump, and therefore I decided to take blessings from my village relatives.

No one replied to my door-knocks, after which I entered through the doors on my own. I noticed a bright and grand room, with lots of photos and small idols of Pārvatī decked up against the wall. I immediately took a bow. The floor was made of white marble. In another room to the left of Pārvatī temple, was a room of Lakṣmī decked up in a similar fashion. I noticed two more rooms before my dream ended. One room had many small idols and photos of Kṛṣṇa, and the last one had a somewhat large wooden idol of Gaṇeśa.

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